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The Glory Train in the Land

Jon Hamill - This unique message comes from on and Jolene Hamill of Lamplighter Ministries as they tour the entire United States on a TRAIN with Prayer Stops and Rallies at strategic sites. Jon declares, "All aboard the Glory Train for an mergence of a revolutionary new move of God’s Spirit in the land. A Glory Revolution.” In this message, shared in historic Williamsburg VA, Jon and Jolene Hamill draw from personal prophetic experiences as well as the “Glory Train” message from Bob and Bonnie Jones and other key prophetic leaders. Listen as they share key characteristics of a move of the Spirit which combines the miracles of Exodus with the miracles of Acts to catalyze a national turnaround. Just brilliant! This message will release hope and anticipation!

It’s Time for a Prayer Convergence!

Jon Hamill / James Goll - In this lively teleconference call between Jon Hamill of Lamplighter Ministries and James Goll with Encounters Network, you will be touched by a divine synergy in the Holy Spirit. Personal history is rehearsed and a convergence took place between the two ministries to join forces together to declare “No King But Jesus.” You will be inspired to join our prayers forces together for such a time as this.

The Orchestra of Prayer

James Goll - This practical and sound teaching by James will help bring your prayers and those of your prayer community, into another level of effectiveness. James emphasizes The Power of Agreement and what it requires and truly looks like. Too often our vertical relationship with God becomes separated from our horizontal relationship with the Body of Christ. This teaching reveals that if we want to come to a higher level of effectiveness, then we must emphasize both! Agree with me and down load this message and pass it on to others. (This message is a part of the class Prayers that Strike the Mark.)

Honoring Worship Leaders

James Goll together with his friend, worship leader and author, Chris DuPré, shared this timely message recently at a Worship City Alliance gathering in Nashville, TN. James shared some of his personal background and presented a scriptural precedent he titled “Bring Me a Minstrel.” Chris followed with a rich response on the “Role of the Worship Leader.” The culture of honor where each member esteems the other, creating a nest where the Holy Spirit loves to come and dwell, is imperative.

Purim – A Time to Turn the Tables on the Enemy

In a one-hour teleconference interview, Jon Hamil of Lamplighter Ministries, interviews James Goll on the history of Purim. Redemptive insights are given from the Book of Esther and revelatory experiences in recent years. James declares, Purim is a time when the enemy over plays its hand and we as believers can reverse the decrees of darkness and call forth God’s redemptive purposes. Encouraging. Targeted and Insightful.

Presenting Our Case

In this message, James Goll gives us concise, Biblical principles on how we are to properly request God's justice and intervention in the affairs of man. As we pray God's promises and request fulfillment based on His character, we will see greater results. God desires that we learn to walk in His ways as we declare that His will is made manifest here on earth, just as it is in Heaven. Listen and share this with your friends.

Beholding the Lord

This message comes from a deep place of the heart with a backdrop of anointed musical sounds. This raw, transparent message weaves together lessons learned from James after he spent 120 days in recovery after surgery in the summer of 2014. Story telling, scripture reading, singing, tenderness, preaching and declarations are created to release a deep presence of the Lord. James declares, “I’m not back!” “Old ways are passed away and new things have come.” You might laugh, you might cry, but you will be touched by the presence of the Lord.

The History of the Watch of the Lord

This passion-filled message consolidates years of The History of the Watch of the Lord. James gives us an overview from Scripture, clips from church history, and mingles it with stories filled with rich treasures - both old and new. This is a "must listen". Download it and listen to it again and again. Remember, "What goes up, must come down!"

Going Before the Throne

James Goll - We each can make history by going before the throne of the Almighty in Prayer! It does not take a special gift of the Holy Spirit; all it takes a desperate heart. James tells us classic stories about the Moravian’s in Herrnhut and Reese Howell’s intercession in WWII. He then gets real personal and tells of his recent encounters in the Lord. This is a fresh message after spending 120 days tucked away from the public view. Want to be a History Maker? Listen and Learn!

The Shaking and the Glory

James Goll - James takes us a journey thru Psalms 2 and Haggai 2 showing scripturally that the Glory and the Shaking Come Together. This teaching builds on previous messages Come Again Holy Spirit and When the Plumbline Has Been Dropped. James adds stories and testimonies from his global travels and shares from a recent angelic visitation calling us to ATTENTION!

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