“Fire shall be burning continually on the altar; it is not to go out.” Leviticus 6:13

The Vision of PrayerStorm is to restore and release the Moravian model of the watch of the Lord into homes and prayer rooms around the world.

Web based teaching, prayer bulletins, and resources are utilized to facilitate round-the-clock worship and prayer to win for the Lord the rewards of His suffering!

Hourly worship and prayer around the world will be maintained with four primary emphases:

  • Revival in the Church 
  • Prayer for Israel 
  • World's Greatest Youth Awakening 
  • Crisis Intervention through Intercession 
  • Governmental Intercession 



Q 1: What is Prayer Storm? 

A: Prayer Storm is a rallying call to individuals around the globe to raise up the Moravian model of night-and-day prayer. The Prayer Storm web site is a tool to enlist and connect praying people and groups from every nation in a continuous global 24-hour prayer meeting. Click on this link for more on the Vision & Purpose of Prayer Storm.

Q 2: What is the “Moravian model of night-and-day prayer?”

A: The Moravians were a group of people in modern day Germany who started a non-stop, night and day prayer meeting in the 1700’s, which lasted for over a hundred years. This community eventually sent out missionaries to the ends of the earth and sustained the fires of evangelism through their commitment to unceasing prayer.

To learn more about the Moravians, see James’ article entitled “Restoring the Moravian Lampstand” or read his book The Lost Art of Intercession or Prayer Storm that are available in our online Resource Center. Classes are also available to take around the world at the

Q 3: Can I sign up to pray for more than one hour?

A: Originally you signed up for a specific day of the week and a specific hour of prayer. We have recently simplified our approach so when sign up for our monthly equipping tools by entering you’re your email address – that is it. You do not need register a designated hour any more. Just be faithful. Be flexible and be an effective watchmen on the walls.

The Holy Spirit will lead you to pray one or more hours of prayer a day, week or month – and we welcome it! However, the Prayer Storm team is only specifically asking for one single hour per week. Do as the Holy Spirit leads you.

Q 4: Can I sign up a group to pray for an hour?

A: Yes. When possible, you are encouraged to have each of the individuals in your group prayer meeting sign up on their own so they can receive our free teaching materials and prayer bulletins. But if you are leading a group that varies in attendance and participation, then please feel free to sign up as a leader, to represent the entire group.

Q 5: Do I have to pray for the topics provided by Prayer Storm?

A: As mentioned in the “How to Pray for 1 Hour Outline”, the prayer topics are intended as flexible guidelines, surrendered to the Holy Spirit’s specific leading in your life, city and nation. Make sure it isSpirit led and Spirit empowered worship and prayer.1

Q 6: How can I find out when and where other people are praying?

A: We may provide periodic updates as to the number of praying partners, and areas of the globe where we have activity. Presently, we have believers in over 80 nations joining us in the “hour that changes the world” every week. We will develop more equipping tools as finances and opportunity allow.

Q 7: Can I contribute directly to Prayer Storm?

A: Yes! You can be a Friend of PS on a monthly basis or contribute a one-time gift. We encourage all Prayer Storm participants to donate a special gift at least once a year. While we release our monthly communications to thousands of intercessors around the world, this does take time, staff, IT work, and time to develop teaching materials etc.

Contributions are tax deductible of Prayer Storm is a DBA of LAmplightrt Ministries.